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The new Rockster.TV aims at providing readers and musicians useful information and resources about music and how to play musical instruments like piano, guitar and harmonica. We provide step by step instructions and tips in our blogs helping first time players or beginner musicians learn their favorite instrument for free.

Basically, Rockster.TV was established to showcase writer’s/musicians’ passion in teaching and that they share them through writing stories or articles about their experiences. However, because of the demand, we decided to convert the website into an instruction or simple tutoring website for aspiring musicians!

So, if you come to this blog, you are probably a musician looking for ways on how to learn complex chords or tabs fast. We will help you achieve that. So thank you for visiting our website. Hope you enjoy the resources we provided here. More power!

Learning the Piano and the Benefits that Come with Music

piano lesson books piano care12 Learning the Piano and the Benefits that Come with Music

There are some people who think that learning the piano or any musical instrument is difficult and boring. If you are passionate about music and want to level up from being a mere listener to becoming a musician, then the first thing that you have to do is to steer clear of the negative thoughts. Learning music involves a lot of challenge and if you are willing to take it, there are also plenty of advantages that you may reap in the future.

Playing the piano is a skill that you will be glad you’ve learned when you reach your golden years. Nowadays, you can learn the piano even without attending the music class, just Google “how to learn piano online,” and you will get an immense information on how to do it your way. However, you still have to make sure that the resource you will take provide a systematic approach in piano learning.

Here is a short checklist of what you need to take into consideration when learning piano.

  • Familiarize the notes.
  • Familiarize the piano keys.
  • Start playing a simple music.
  • Start with note reading and timing.
  • Take time for a regular practice.

There are online piano tutorials available that you can maximize and turn yourself into a master pianist. However, there is a long list of programs over the internet and you may be confused of what to follow among them. For a beginner, this provides a good information: http://www.pianoforbeginners.net/pianotutorial/. Explore the choices!

Like the way you enjoy music, learning it is an enjoyable experience for those who truly wanted to learn. There are good things that come with playing music, and these are:

  • Music improves memory and learning capability.
  • Music has the capability to enhance mood, motivation, and gives a sense of achievement.
  • Music can alleviate stress and reduce the suffering of people in pain.

Take advantage of music’s great benefits, learn piano today!

The Essentials of Learning to Play Guitar

You dream of becoming a rock star of your own right, but there is one thing that hinders you—the ability to play the guitar. Rock legends are known to be masters of this instrument, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Bono, and Elton John are just some of them, and they also moonlight in other musical instrument.

electric guitar The Essentials of Learning to Play Guitar

As a beginner in learning music, choosing the guitar is a very good choice. Aside from the fact that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to buy the instrument, it is also one of the easiest to learn. Starting on how to learn guitar chords to the basics of strumming, learning it systematically is the best way to master this amazing instrument.

To get started, here are essential tips to help you in your quest to be a rock star and a professional guitar player.

Learn the basics. You cannot skip the basics if you wanted to master guitar. Whether it is an acoustic or an electric guitar, you have to start from the proper way of holding and tuning the instrument. You also have to get to know the parts as well. You can check http://www.learnguitarchords.net/online-guitar-lessons/ for online guitar lessons.

Familiarize the chords. Learning how to learn guitar chords is one of the trickiest way in mastering guitar. You have to be very keen thought he process and make sure that you make time for practice. Positioning your fingers on the strings is vital to make sounds, but as a beginner you have to prepare yourself getting hurt. Moving and holding the strings may be strenuous for a newbie, but you will surely get by in time.

Discipline is key. There is no shortcut in learning guitar or any other musical instrument, you have to practice regularly. Time management and discipline is the key especially when the lessons are getting more challenging.

Be a rock star of your own right! Have an enjoyable journey.

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